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Darnell & Dr. Sarah

With this line, you have everything that you need for your forties, fifties, and beyond. And at 55 years old, I can tell you, this line is a game-changer.

Darnell & Chevron

I love this product because it gives you all of your foundational healthy aging needs.

Secret to Staying Young

LiveYoung's NutraMax gives me the energy I need to make it through the day and the focus I need to raise my five kids. It boosts my immune system so when the germs come, I'm not down and out. Thank you LiveYoung for helping me stay young and active.


My top 3 supplements that keep me young in my 40s: Hair, Skin, and Nails with Advanced Collagen Generator makes my hair stronger and shinier, my skin more vibrant and beautiful, and nails strong and healthy. CardioMax Omega3 is power packed to help my body fight inflammation. It also supports a healthy heart, helps me stay focused and alert.

Dr. Sarah Review

"These are jam-packed full of all the vitamins broken down into a powder and you take four of these a day and you were going to feel incredible."

Really amazed at this product Crave Control! My cravings went down substantially from the moment I started taking this and, I’ve already dropped a few pounds in a just a few weeks. I feel great! Can’t wait to see how much I can lose!

I’ve been on the NoZempic weight essential bundle for 4 weeks now and I’m feeling great! I take the Fiber Lean, MetaHealth and Probiotic Lean combo. I’m loving it! My jeans are fitting a little loser and I don’t feel as bloated! I finally weighed myself today, and I lost weight! Definitely reordering!

Love It!

"I'm really pleased with this product! It's worked wonders for me – I'd say I'm about 80% more satisfied with my whole entire body.”